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Welcome to K-link Australia and Papua New Guinea
Liquid Chlorophyll
Bio Green
K-MetaBOOST with Liporol®

World first of an exciting, exclusive product to control high cholesterol and reduce abdominal fat
Evidence supports that obese people gain weight due to slow metabolism

Fat loss in the abdominal area reduces risk such as

  • high blood pressure;
  • high cholesterol,
  • obesity,
  • coronary problems &
  • type 2 diabetes

K -MetaBOOST is a potent nutraceutical that contains Liporal®, a highly active concentrate of fresh Allium Sativum ex-tract (garlic bulb) in a base of virgin olive oil.

Certified organic
Potent anti-oxidant combat Metabolic
Works by reducing fatty mass through
the reduction
triglycerides in the
Adipose or “brown fat”

“Thank you, I never thought losing weight and more importantly feeling better would be quite so easy”.

Jenny L aged 56

average weekly weight loss—2kgs. 34 days total loss7.5kg

Pretti K aged 28yrs. “I have a thyroid problem and am on medication. I have never weighed under 100kgs since aged 16—until now.”

Start weight 109.8kgs -4weeks weighed 95 kgs av.weekly weight loss 1.74kgs

Add Bio-Green
detox for a fresh start
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Lose up to 7 kgs of stomach fat
  • Removes colon rubbish
  • Get rid of bloating

K-Link Australia
Tel: 613 95924290
Fax: 61395925453

Product code: AUHF001
DP: $40.00 contains 30 capsules
CP: $48.00

Australian Mobile Stockists Wanted!

K-Link Australia has several positions available for Mobile Stockists, supplying K Link
products to distributors and customers in their exclusive Australian states and territories.

K- Link Australia gives mobile Stockists the opportunity to operate and manage their
business by providing them with a sound proven and profitable marketing strategy.

Australian States and Territories are now available.

Mobile Stockists are given:

Full support by K-Link Australia.
Training in both the K-Link products and K-Link marketing plans.
Enquiries and leads from marketing and promotions will be directed to the
allocated Mobile Stockist in their area.
Full business represented on the web site so that local consumers and
distributors can access them anytime & anywhere.

This is a very exciting chance to join Asia's largest network Marketing Company.

Limited Mobile Stockists Numbers Available!

For more information, please call Sue McPhee
on Phone: +613 95924290

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